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Dairy is a huge part of the diet of many. We eat it with our breakfast as milk for our cereal or yogurt to supplement our cereal with a fruity taste, we eat it as we watch romantic sitcoms or with friends on a hot day as ice cream. The amount of dairy products can be scary and we know. That is why we have a friendly atmosphere with employees willing to help you find what you are looking for.Simply ask one and be amazed at how they really go above and beyond to help you! Are you bored of your usual brand name yogurt and looking to try a new brand from somewhere else? Try some jocoque, a Mexican yogurt, or some Mexican cheese to sprinkle over your tacos or pizzas. We have different milks too besides brand names and a number of them are from smaller names and ethnic, You can also get many different kinds of cheese that you may not find somewhere else without truly searching. Save yourself the time and buy those products you've been looking for at Morelia. We take quesadillas quite seriously and know that a good quesadilla takes good cheese, eggs, and tortillas so we make sure you can buy everything you need fresh! Ethnic cheeses for a wine tasting party or simply as a snack or addition to sandwiches like grilled cheese are also easy to find here even if the type of cheese isn't! Likewise our ethnicity in our cheese doesn't make them more expensive so we can make sure that you get the best deal available. Don't be afraid to be adventurous! Try something new! Get the cheese who's aroma entices you and don't be afraid of the fancy name! It's fresh and delicious, firm and yielding, just how good cheese is supposed to be. Remember that at Morelia Supermarket, there always is something you have never tasted before or things you have and could never find anywhere else!

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