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At Morelia we have everything to supplement or make a great meal. Our seafood come straight from nets to our store and from there a quick stop in your pan to make sure you always get the best. you're craving water dwellers with high quality meat, a low price, and delicious flavor, look to us to satisfy your taste buds. We have fresh alojote, or salamander, catfish, different kinds of bonito along with your basic favorites such as salmon and herring. Like all good supermarkets with a fresh seafood section availability on some seafood vary depending on season so you are always guaranteed to get the best deals and freshest catches when they are available. Don't worry, though! Even when the catches are hard to get we'll still have some and they'll still be high quality fresh fish.

If you can't find a specific seafood that you're craving then ask one of our many helpful employees to see if they are in season or stocked. A Mexican treat is catfish and we sell cuts of catfish cheap. The fresh meat of our fish are nearly like butter in their savory taste and they will always make a special occasion just that-special. Pick up some shrimp for some grilled kebabs seasoned with spices from our ethnic foods department or pick up a perfect cut of fish to add to a salad or add variety to your everyday meal plan. Buy different kinds like sea trout or the classic salmon to put a smile on your face. Our all natural seafood is great for any kind of cookout! Substitute steak for fish and you'll find that laughter and fun can come just as readily around a salmon fillet as it would around steaks charred on a grill! It's true the memories are what count, but great ingredients for great food tend to help in the great memories department. We sell the ingredients for happy memories at Morelia Supermarket.

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