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If you want to try something new or if you feel homesick for a bit of something then our ethnic foods department has everything you were looking for and everything you weren't. We sell staples of Asian and Mexican cuisine like ginger and fresh papalo. We have so many different tastes from so many different countries in all our departments it's difficult to say what isn't ethnic. Try cooking up some of our steaks with some Sazon rice for a quick and delicious meal or buy some crunchy tortilla chips and root through our salsas to find your favorite to crunch and munch on. We have many different kinds of tortilla chips and salsas, all loved by those who have tried them .White salsa, Mexican dip, spicy, mild, filled with tomato or peppers we have the salsa that will be your favorite. Browse them to find that specific taste that you enjoy best. Or perhaps you're thirsty for something familiar or feeling adventurous and want to try something new? Different foods aren't the only diamonds in the American diet rough you'll find here! Try some Sidral Mundet Soda! The drink is renowned in Mexico being bubbly, nourishing and hydrating! It's sometimes even used as a remedy for an upset stomach! Do you have a sweet tooth that wants to eat candy like its Halloween? As you shop be sure to check to see if there are ethnic candies! Add a little variety to everyday sweets! Likewise for a savory and spiced meal make sure to check out our ethnic spices to-ahem-spice up your dinner! Pasilla de Negro, cloves, and ground Cumin are just a few different spices that will add an extra kick to you meals. With the love for ethnic foods growing evermore every day in America many market their products as authentic ethnic food but the label isn't always true. At Morelia Supermarket it is. We give a tastes of home from different countries and the people that shop at Morelia appreciate our goal ot stay true to the food of the home.

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