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4833 W Diversey Ave
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7300 N Western Ave
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Whether you're looking for the right leaves to go with our tomatoes or simply cruising for some inspiration for dinner we want you to get what you want and more. Our fruits and veggies are always guaranteed fresh and you'll always find the perfect vegetable for your meal. When you first walk in and see our crisp greens and multi color arrangement of other produce, not to mention all the other fruits and vegetables you might never have even heard of it can be overwhelming.

If our well stocked produce department does seem a bit daunting then ask one of our helpful employees to help you find just what you're looking for, although we aren't limited to simply just that. Any number of our employees will be more than happy to suggest even a new taste into your diet like nopales or some yuca root for a taste like potatoes but with a silkier texture. But if you want a bit of a pucker of the mouth or simply an extra garnish to your fish or salad then try our limes.The green citrus is always a sure way to boost the flavor of any dish. They are a staple of the Mexican diet and perfect in every way.

Speaking of green, avocados are also a staple in the regular Mexicans' diet, and a growing love for the green goodness is making its way through America and our avocados are always fresh and buttery. The smooth paste works with any dish and tastes just as an avocado should taste; creamy with a subtle yet complex tone that has you keeping your knife sharp to carve around the pit for more yet another taste. Be sure to check in on Morelia Supermarket to see what produce is in season. We are always sure that you will find great deals on everything produce related be it from bananas to plump red strawberries. Be sure to pop in and try something new!

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