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4833 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL 60639

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7300 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60645

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Times are constantly changing and finding the time within the hectic schedules of many people makes cooking a meal at home yourself a task not easily done. Then again you could simply be craving something delicious or something delicious and new. That's where our deli comes in. We sell mole verde, shrimp or chicken fajitas, fried shrimp,chicken wings, chicharrones, and so many more different meals that all make you feel like they've been prepared just for you by a doting grandmother.

When you stand at the counter near the hot food and the smells of the food waft up towards you in a mixture of so many mouth watering aromas all tantalizing you at once then when you breathe it's hard not to drool, but go ahead and buy those carnitas that are calling your name so mournfully from behind the glass. They're a treat you will enjoy again and again as you become a regular customer because of our great tastes of food. Speaking of great tastes Morelia Supermarket's prepared food tastes so home cooked because we use fresh ingredients to make every one of their dishes so you get the best we can provide at good prices because we understand it can be difficult to eat at home every day, and frankly sometimes you just need a good meal that you didn't cook yourself to just relax a bit and enjoy yourself.

You don't have to simply buy our premade foods for one meal, though. If you know you have a busy week and don't want to turn to lower quality options then buy our meals for the coming days. A great saver of both time and money, not to mention taste. Don't buy food you don't really want to eat or worry about eating anymore. Take a seat and pull out a good meal to lower stress during those weeks that never seem to end and relax with one of our enchiladas soon.

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